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 Saving you time and money in those hard to wire situations, the DSC ALEXOR 2-way wireless provides comprehensive home security in an attractive form.  Unlike traditional wireless systems, the Alexor has a separate wireless keypad, allowing the panel & siren to be installed in an area separate from the keypad control increasing security and flexibility. The Alexor is also a Hybrid system, allowing 2 hard-wired zones in addition to the 32 wireless zones that again, increases flexibility in installation, which improves convenience.  

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Long Term Savings in maintenance costs can be achieved with a traditional hard wired alarm system like the DSC Power Series.  Alert Signal can seamlessly install the Power Series family of security systems, integrating them into the household power grid, saving you money on battery replacement and maintenance of devices like door and window sensors. 

Additional options allow the Power Series security systems to communicate via cell phone or internet either as a backup to or replacement of standard phone lines.

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Security is Job #1. However it  does not have to be inconvenient!  While Window Screens & Smart phones do not have much in common,  Alert Signal & Control can make them both useful accessories to your custom comprehensive security system, adding additional convenience to your security experience.  Installing secure window screens maintains the integrity of your security grid while allowing fresh air on those pleasant spring mornings!.

Our security systems support smoke detectors, carbon detectors and flood sensors, making them a one-stop solution for Home Security, Fire Protection and Flood Warning!!.

  What's more all this convenience can be expanded to Home Automation!. Call or email for details!.

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